Scott Ryan Tischler Focuses on Improving Lives

PHOENIX, Arizona – Scott Ryan Tischler has multiple passions.  From diamond hunting to assisting those in Africa, He is focused on making the most of these passions. Tischler travels with an open mind and an open heart. He is always ready to tackle any adventure that comes his way.

Tischler became interested in the jewelry industry in 1998. He worked in a local jewelry store and made the decision that this was something he wanted to make a life out of. Tischler began traveling to Africa in search of the world’s finest diamonds. He wanted to give his customers the very best.

Scott Tischler has traveled to various parts of Africa. He has met with hundreds of sellers and personally inspects the diamonds he purchases. Kroo Bay in Sierra Leone holds a special place in Tischler’s heart. He often brings food to the people of Kroo Bay and paid for a young girl to attend school.

He has decided that he wants to start a charity for the people of Kroo Bay. He hopes to have it fully functioning by the end of the year. Tischler and his team want to eliminate poverty in Kroo Bay and give the people clean water. Africa  offers more than just diamonds for Tischler, it gives him the chance to make a difference in the lives of the people.
Scott Ryan Tischler is sure of three things when it comes to his business: he will not participate in the purchase of blood diamonds. He is dedicated to creating one-of-a kind jewelry. Lastly, he loves learning about his customers and forming a relationship with them. With a solid business model and a personable attitude, Tischler is sure to thrive in any endeavor he sets out on!


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