Scott Ryan Tischler Focuses on New Business

PHOENIX, Arizona – Diamond hunter Scott Tischler is now focusing on creating a new jewelry business. He is teaming up with a designer and plans on creating a custom line of rings for his customers. = The name of his business is currently under wraps but will be released closer to its opening day.

Tischler believes in running an ethically sound business. He has visited Africa and various African diamond mines on multiple occasions. He absolutely refuses to buy or sell blood diamonds. Scott Tischler’s diamonds are KPC, or Kimberly Process Certified, which means they have conflict-free origins. Tischler’s customers can rest assured that they are supporting a legitimate business.

The diamond designer believes that each piece of jewelry should be unique to serve as a symbol of that particular love. Customers will get a say in the design because Scott Tischler wants his jewelry to have meaning. Customers are given the opportunity to participate in creating one of a kind pieces that are true expressions of their feelings.

Tischler puts an emphasis on learning the story behind a piece of jewelry and the reason for its purchase. The business will also feature pre-designed jewelry, although customers are encouraged to join in the creative process.

Tischler has not yet confirmed a launch date for his business, but expects it to open by the end of the year.


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