Scott Tischler Gives Back To Those In Need

PHOENIX, Arizona – Modern-day etrepreneur Scott Tischler constantly makes trips to Africa in search of diamonds. In the near future, his trips will be about more than just diamonds. He is currently coordinating efforts to bring relief to the poorer slums that he has seen on the continent.

Tischler has always made an effort to give back to the people of Africa. He has bought them food and clothed them. At one point, he paid for a young girl to attend school. On a trip to Kroo Bay, the poorest region of Sierra Leone, Tischler’s eyes were opened.

Kroo Bay is one of the poorest slums in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It is covered in garbage, there is no electricty, and no running water. Located in a place where two rivers meet the Atlantic, Kroo Bay constantly floods. Most of the children are sick. The people need safe shelters, food, and clean water immediately.

Scott Tischler made it a habit to buy one hundred and fifty kilo bags of rice for the people of Kroo Bay. Typically, this feeds them for several months. One day, he made a decision to treat the children by purchasing some pastries. When Scott and his team offered these treats to the Chief, he asked them to take a bite. Scott politely declined – insisting that the pastries were for the children. The Chief was unwavering and finally stated “You take a bite to prove you haven’t poisoned it”. Scott gladly grabbed a pastry and took a bite as the children excitedly looked on.

Tischler is extremely motivated to help these people live better, healthier, and cleaner lives. It is an extremely daunting task and Tischler says, ““it is very important that it is done correctly.” By the end of  2012, Tischler plans on having the charity running in full motion


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